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Who is John Galt free essay sample

For Brown University I have been moved by numerous words in writing. I have been moved by â€Å"everything illuminated† just as things â€Å"extremely noisy and unbelievably close.† I have been called to a â€Å"great backpack revolution† by a similar man who let me know â€Å"love is a duel,† something I have believed constantly. Once, a young lady named Sylvia murmured to me, â€Å"The world is nevertheless a terrible dream,† so I pondered for a considerable length of time how to wake from it. Similarly as Sylvia and Kerouac and Jonathan Safran Foer, Ayn Rand once moved me too. At the point when I initially read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, I ran the name John Galt again and again in my brain. You may state I appreciated it with a wine connoisseur’s sense of taste, getting a handle on each side of the name and attempting to envision how Ayn Rand thought about the man behind it. I imagined her sitting with a note pad and the words â€Å"John Galt† composed on an in any case clear page. We will compose a custom paper test on Who is John Galt? or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page She more likely than not gazed at the name, pondering where it originated from and asking herself, â€Å"Who is John Galt?† And in this way, with that first line, Atlas Shrugged was brought into the world each of its 1,084 pages. I was just a couple hundred pages in when my plane started its plummet to Charles de Gaulle Airport. As I watched the French scene ascend to welcome me, the lady close to me hung over and murmured, â€Å"Who is John Galt?† At this time, I had just 300 pages of not realizing the response to offer her. In addition to the fact that she spoke to me in a rich French articulation, yet she had the mystery that would keep me anxious for another 700 pages. It took just a couple of days to subside into Paris. It took just fourteen days to discover John Galt. I read insatiably. The Metro headed out from the Cluny to the Louver and I would peruse for those valuable seven minutes. I read at the wellsprings close to the Pompidou Center, where I accept a piece of my spirit is as yet holed up behind a theoretical artwork yet that is a story for some other time. I sat in Rodin’s Garden and attempted to resemble a delightful scholarly, which worked until I inclined toward my sack and burst my container of squeezed orange. I yelled to the boulevards outside and underneath my lodging, â€Å"Who is John Galt?† however I was lost in interpretation and the clamor of my city. An old Italian man over the thin road from my room hollered back, â€Å"Buon giorno!† and I thought about whether I were so lost in interpretation after all as I got back to, â€Å"Bonjour!† One may state that John Galt was my Paris visit control. At last, while sitting in the Luxembourg Gardens, I discovered John Galt. He was tall and thin in my mind. Maybe appealing would be an unseemly word yet he positively would never be missed a lot of like the Montparnasse Tower that fairly scourges the perspective on the Gardens. I concluded that John Galt was in each face I had found in Paris. In France. In for my entire life. In the event that John Galt speaks to the engine of the world, at that point hints of him can be found in each individual I have ever experienced in light of the fact that they are all piece of the schematics that Rand adored so sincerely. More than that, with John Galt as my guide, I had gone through about fourteen days taking in man’s accomplishment in craftsmanship, engineering, and chocolate banana crepes. I went through an entire 20 minutes respecting the manner in which man had taken steel and bolts and molded them to be as rich as ribbon. Have you seen that about the Eiffel Tower? You can never tell from pictures, similarly as you can never understand the extent of the Arc de Triomphe until you have remained underneath it and looked up. I took John Galt to see the Foucault Pendulum and quietly saluted man on finding the movement of the Earth’s rudder. It was around these times, at the times of thankfulness for man and man’s accomplishment, that I found the response to Ayn Rand’s endless inquiry: â€Å"For neither do men live incredible vain† ( H. G. Wells). Perhaps it was the bistro culture, the incalculable historical centers or stops or walkway painters that caused me to welcome the peculiarity of man and his accomplishments. Or on the other hand, maybe, it was John Galt grasped in my grasp while drifting down the Seine toward a shimmering tower of smooth steel. Positively, 1,084 pages later, steel bolts and swinging pendulums appeared to be equivalent in greatness to marble sculptures and canvas representations. Not just have I presently discovered John Galt, I have additionally procured a Randian gratefulness for everything that man has been and everything that man still can't seem to turn into.

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Accused of witchcraft Essay Example for Free

Blamed for black magic Essay The Crucible (395) , John Proctor (276) , Mary Warren (139) , Elizabeth Proctor (106) , Witch (2) organization About StudyMoose Contact Vocations Help Center Give a Paper Lawful Terms and Conditions Protection Policy Grumblings ? Parris : Why not? Presently there are no spirits assaulting her, for none in this room is blamed for black magic. So let her turn herself cold currently, let her imagine she is assaulted now, let her black out. (He goes to Mary Warren.) Faint! Act 3, Page 85 This is the point at which the court initially has getting Mary to demonstrate different young ladies are cheats by getting her to profess to swoon. She won't on the grounds that she fears what the young ladies will do to her. Or on the other hand can't, inspired by a paranoid fear of the court This is perhaps the most noteworthy purpose of strain in the entire play since everything and everybody is centered around Mary, depending on her somehow to either come clean or to lie. In any case, there is such a great amount of weight on Mary that she can’t state anything. The weight constructs and works until Mary splits then Abigail dispatches a splendidly planned assault. Exactly when individuals are befuddled about whom to trust Abigail turns on Mary and causes them to trust her. The young ladies turning on Mary is a drastically viable part in act three. This is on the grounds that when the young ladies turn on Mary you feel frustrated about her because of the reality she is conflicted between coming clean to the court or joining the young ladies again to keep them from charging her. â€Å"Mary Warren, do you witch her? I state to you, do you send your soul out?† Danforth, Act 3, Page 87 When Danforth poses her this inquiry Mary snaps and drives herself away from Proctor. Mary Warren, Act 3, page 88 This is when Mary’s sensitive relationship with Proctor separates and she will no longer cover for him and put herself in danger from being blamed by the rest for the girls. Abigail : (Looking about the air, fastening her arms about her as if cold): I †I know not. A breeze, a virus wind, has come. (Her eyes fall on Mary Warren.) Mary : (Terrified, arguing): Abby! Mercy : (Shivering): Your Honor, I hold up! Delegate : They’re pretending! Hathorne : (Touching Abigail’s hand): She is cold Your Honor, contact her! Mercy : (Through babbled teeth ): Mary, Do you send this shadow on me? Act 3, Page 87 This is the point at which the young ladies first begin to turn on Mary, she is a delicate individual and when they begin to turn on her she doesn’t comprehend what to do. She was accustomed to pointing the finger of allegation not having it pointed at her and on her own she can’t adapt. So she sells out reality and returns to the wellbeing of the young ladies and being the informer not the charged. Mary at last separates and blames Proctor for black magic. Afraid for her own life, Mary understands that the best way to spare herself is to blame Proctor for pressuring her into endeavoring to topple the court. For this situation the allegation contains some fact: Proctor forced Mary Warren into affirming, yet for this situation the design is to advance genuine equity as opposed to question it. Elizabeth misleading ensure Proctor is a significantly powerful part in act three in light of the fact that there is a great deal of strain when Elizabeth is brought into the court. Mill operator utilizes sensational incongruity when Elizabeth doesn’t realize that Proctor has admitted to prurience and that they are trying her to check whether Proctor was coming clean. Elizabeth doesn’t realize that it is Abigail that is being attempted thus she misleads secure her significant other yet in certainty by lying she is according to the court demonstrating that her better half is a liar. Mill operator utilizes the disappointment of Proctor as his significant other is lying however it is highly unlikely he can reveal to her that by attempting to ensure him she is really pushing him into more difficulty â€Å"Look at me, to your own insight, has John Proctor at any point perpetrated the wrongdoing of prurience! (In an emergency of uncertainty she can't speak.) Answer my inquiry! Is your better half a lecher!†Ã‚ Danforth, Act 3, page 91 You can see by this, that Danforth doesn’t give Elizabeth much decision and for all intents and purposes speaks for her. By saying is your significant other a reprobate he leaves her no decision yet to state â€Å"no†. What sort of lady would consider her better half an obscene person before a court? â€Å"(There is a thump. He calls to the entryway.) Hold! (To Abigail.) Turn your back. Turn your back. (To Proctor.) Do in like manner. (Both turn their backs-Abigail with angry gradualness) Now let neither of you go to confront goody delegate. Nobody in this room is to express single word, or raise a signal affirmative or nay. (He turns towards the entryway, calls.) Enter! Danforth, Act 3, Page 90 The Audience feel baffled since all that Elizabeth needs to do is come clean and Abigail’s savage vengeance will be halted and reality will be exposed yet its absolutely impossible Elizabeth could know this so she does what she believes is the best thing and attempts to secure her significant other. In this scene Miller utilizes emotional incongruity successfully. Danforth makes the preliminary look reasonable however in actuality gives Elizabeth no choiceâ but to lie. Danforth : â€Å"Answer my inquiry! Is your better half a lecher! Elizabeth : (Faintly): No, sir. Danforth : Remove her, Marshal. Proctor : Elizabeth, tell the truth! Danforth : She has spoken. Expel her! Proctor : (shouting out): Elizabeth, I have admitted it! Act 3, Page 91 This point is the sensational peak of the entire scene since it is where Elizabeth at long last discovers what she has done, and she is distressed. Sound attempts to dissuade Danforth when he says, â€Å"Excellency it is a characteristic lie to tell† this shows Hale is the voice of reason however for more often than not he isn't tuned in to, similar to Proctor who spoken sense all through †both are closed out in their ways. To spare her significant other from allegations of black magic, Elizabeth must censure him for lewdness. Mill operator builds up that Elizabeth is a fair lady who never lies, yet right now in which her trustworthiness is most basic she picks the honorable yet down to earth lie that she accepts will protect her better half. As Hale notes, it is a characteristic lie for Elizabeth Proctor to tell, yet an unfathomably not well coordinated one; Elizabeth Proctor picks deceptive nature at the exact second that her respectability matters the most. Act 3 of ‘The Crucible’ is so compelling on the grounds that Arthur Miller utilizes a wide assortment of feelings for his characters and a decent assortment of activity. One moment the scene can be somewhat tranquil with simply straightforward discussion and the following moment it very well may be clamorous with characters heaving allegations and maltreatment at one another. The explanation this play is so compelling is on the grounds that Miller utilizes snapshots of quiet just as snapshots of extraordinary activity, on the off chance that it was simply activity, activity, activity all the time the crowd would get resistant to it and the extremely significant parts wouldn’t stick in your psyche so much. Act 3 is pertinent to the play all in all since it is where a ton of significant things occur and it is the most emotional, with a ton of strain and outrage between various characters. It is the thing that the initial two acts have been developing to and you could state it is the peak of the entire play. When Arthur Miller composed the play, â€Å"The Crucible† in 1953 the contemporary crowd could identify with the play because of the media inclusion that was happening at that point. This period was worried about the political development of socialism; the McCarthy preliminaries. The contemporary crowd saw Miller’s play as significant as a result of the impacts of widespread panic the decimation of the network in Salem. Mill operator felt that the play had importance in spite of the fact that he didn’t compose it for that. The motivation behind why the pot is still so generally preferred despite the fact that the witch preliminaries are a distant memory is on the grounds that it shows the awful impacts of widespread panic and what it can do to typically normal people. The story helps its perusers to remember an appalling flaw on mankind's history. It advises us that man isn't great, and that we can commit errors. Nonetheless, even with these errors, we can rinse ourselves and decontaminate ourselves by making right what's going on. Blamed for black magic. (2017, Nov 01).

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Drone Attacks in Counterterrorism

Drone Attacks in Counterterrorism Drone Attacks in Counterterrorism Home›Technology Posts›Drone Attacks in Counterterrorism Technology PostsIntroductionDrones are diminutive, unmanned airplanes that transmit real-time film of stationary and moving targets. These aircrafts have been known to support other activities undertaken by governments such as drug interdictions and hostage release efforts and backing. Drones however, have been known to also combat against terrorists. This is a strategy that may save manpower and prevent endangering harm or deaths to the troops activating the drone.Drone use in Attacks to Curb TerrorismDrones are weapons that are utilized in battles and they fire projectiles that have the ability to impose extreme damage. Drones are only allowed by law to be used within combat zones and their use in battlefields alone is the most significant single regulation that governs their utilization. Drone technology was originally utilized by the U.S. in the year 2001 in Afghanistan region (Kolodkin , 2011). Attacks using drones since then have risen significantly in different regions in the globe. Most of these attacks have taken place and targeted individuals or groups linked to terrorismDrones have been utilized more by the military for target observation and investigation. Today’s drone is a machine or robot that is utilized for assignments believed too risky or inappropriate for human beings. The U.S. is affected most by terrorism attacks, making it to utilize drones in fighting against terrorism.   As a result the U.S. has put in place drones that can stay in the sky up to 24 hours and are able to be managed from   anywhere in the globe; they can even be operated for lengthened time on their own. Drones have been preferred for terrorism attacks as they spare the lives of civilians depending on the fact that the attacks are carried out in battle restricted regions (Kolodkin, 2011).The U.S. has utilized drones to undertake objective killings of terrorist operators oversea s for example, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan (Kolodkin, 2011). Drones have been very effective and successful strategy of dealing with terrorism. However, drones have been criticized as being counterproductive, reason being that most individuals killed in the drone attacks have been civilians. Up to now, about 70 drone assaults have been carried out on Pakistanis and have murdered more than 600 lives. Most of those aimed were at Al-Qaeda rebels of typically of Arabs and other alien militants.The use of drones by the U.S. has come with success because it has led to utilizing more machines than human troops to undertake the attacks. This has led to releasing more manpower and reserves in pursuing terrorists wanted for terrorism acts. This has led to many individuals for example, policymakers, officials and political analysts to say that the approach has illustrated signs of success. The drawdown of multitudes in most of the steady countries such as Iraq, is an element of the re ason for the rise in drone hits (Kolodkin, 2011). The military at a time solely relied on these robots to wash out insurgents; maintenance troops in combat and aid shun roadside bombs.Countries use drones to keep their countries safe from terrorists and terrorism acts that cause damage to property and death of innocent individuals. These countries have every right to use the drone technology and related advancements to keep their people safe. They can utilize the drones and avoid endangering their own troops by physically going into battle and killing the terrorists themselves because this does not guarantee their safety from attacks from the terrorist groups and individuals.ConclusionDrone use should be encouraged and used by nations on terrorist and terrorist groups because they need to protect their country and people from any harm but at the same time, I believe this should be undertaken with strict trail and in accordance with the regulation of using drones only in battlefield. This will prevent deaths of innocent individuals who might be caught in the middle of the drone attack carried out in areas that are not specified as battlefields.

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46 Pages and Common Sense Analysis and Review Essay examples

| 46 Pages: Book Review | | Tim IveyMarch 13, 2012Daryl SequeiraHistory 111 - 5001 | | | | In 46 Pages author Scott Liell is able to poignantly illustrate the colonies metamorphosis from a dependent arm of the English Empire to an independent country, the catalyst for which was Thomas Paines Common Sense. Liell is able to not only articulate the turning point of the American consensus towards independence, but he also very intelligibly depicts the sentiments of all facets of colonial dogma and the torrential effect that Common Sense had in loosening the cement that held those beliefs. Using fantastic examples of the opinions of Tories, Whigs, and those ambivalent towards independence, Liell efficiently and†¦show more content†¦It was this variance in heritage that nurtured both Paine’s familial recognition of the common man’s adversity in a monarch’s dominion and his natural predisposition for the written word and self-edification. Liell draws on this point citing Paine’s short lived days at a grammar school near his homeland.(pg.27) Such an opportunity was uncommon for the son of a corset maker and although it would have been more anticipated that he would simply follow his father’s vocation, his parents stressed the significance of pursuing knowledge. Paine further established his kinship and compassion of the common man when he ventured out as a privateer, despite his father’s previous attempts of curtailing such adventures. Not much is known of Paine’s days as a privateer other than it was short lived. It is assumed that he had grown distaste for the lifestyle, perhaps because he simply found it disagreeable or found disdain for the lack of principles for which privateers’ stand. Nonetheless, the experience left Paine with a greater understanding of the soldier class. Not too long after his days as a privateer, Paine finds himself under the employ of the government, a peculiar position for the man who would inspire a revolution against the same government not but a few years la ter. Furthermore, Paine was an excise man. Not the position a man of the people would be expected to fill. However, Paine,Show MoreRelatedSocial Media Sites Impacting Children and Teens Essay1358 Words   |  6 Pagesyear in school. Limits also depended on parental guidance and/or permission in allowing kids to take part in the survey. The survey’s represented different academic levels. A larger sample with more diversity would have benefitted the results. I sense a bigger depth of data may have been obtained by conducting focus groups, comprised of participants. For example, the focus of discussions would include parental influence, peer, influence, and self-awareness. A focus group would permit myself to carryRead MoreThe Importance Of Service Improvement Practices1041 Words   |  5 Pages Phillip Shuler Kristin Twomey Luke Jarvis Ashland Resort Literature Review The Importance of Service Dickinson (2015) stresses the importance of service improvement practices. â€Å"Service improvement practices are a method, process, and way-of-doing-things with the purpose of improving customer service processes by increasing service delivery performance and conformance quality and/or reducing their cost† (Dickinson, 2015). The author shows us how to effectively use service improvement practicesRead MoreDeveloping Effective Research Proposals49428 Words   |  198 Pagessciences--Research--Methodology, Proposal writing in the social sciences. 2000 H62.P92 2000eb 300/.72 Social sciences--Research--Methodology, Proposal writing in the social sciences. cover next page Page i Developing Effective Research Proposals previous page page_i next page Page ii Series Editor: Keith F Punch, University of Western Australia A series of short practical ‘how-to’ books aimed at the beginning researcher. The books will cover a central topic, including theRead MoreEssay about Using Reflection to Identify Teacher Development Needs1883 Words   |  8 Pagesassignment I will start with a brief outline of what reflection is and propose a rationale for engaging in reflection. I will then identify three key themes that featured in my reflective journal and explore these using theoretical models and critical analysis in relation to the development of my professional practice throughout the course and as a trainee teacher. I will then conclude with a summary of my development and identify future professional development needs. â€Å"Reflective practice is understoodRead MoreSalesforce.com Organizational Analysis2045 Words   |  8 PagesSalesforce.com Organizational Analysis Introduction Salesforce.com (NYSE:CRM) is the global leader of cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and platforms, and operates in over 70 nations. Salesforce ended its latest fiscal quarter on April 30, 2013, attaining $892M in revenues and earning -$67.7M in Net Income (Salesforce Investor Relations, 2013). The company is also highly recognized for successfully integrating a wide variety of social media application feeds into theirRead MoreSyllabus3428 Words   |  14 Pagesis incompatible with the goals of this class and will not be tolerated. Every member of the class is expected to foster the spirit of academic honesty at all times and to encourage that spirit among others. Members of this class are encouraged to review the University’s Academic Integrity Policy in the RN/BSN Handbook. References: Use published materials within the last five (5) years. Written Assignments: APA format 6th edition is required for all written assignments. Specific written assignmentsRead MoreSociology Essay20437 Words   |  82 Pagesthis publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. Published in 2010 by: Nelson Thornes Distance Learning Delta Place 27 Bath Road CHELTENHAM GL53 7TH United Kingdom 10 11 12 13 14 15 / 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Page make-up by diacriTech, Chennai, India Printed and bound in Great Britain by Berforts Group Acknowledgements The authors and publishers wish to thank the following for permission to use copyright material: Crown copyright  © material is reproducedRead MoreChapter 1 Understanding and Working with the Federal Tax Law Solutions to Problem Materials6022 Words   |  25 PagesModified Unchanged New Modified Modified New Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged New Modified Unchanged New Unchanged New Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged New Q/P in Prior Edition 28 Question/ Problem 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 Learning Objective LO 4 LO 3 LO 5 LO 5 LO 5 LO 5 LO 5 LO 5 LO 5 LO 6 LO 6 LO 5 LO 5 LO 5, 8 LO 5 LO 6 LO 8 LO 9 LO 4 LO 2 LO 2, 3 LO 2 LO 4 LO 5 LO 5 LO 6 LO 5 LO 5 LO 6 LO 5, 8 LO 5 Topic Continuity of interestRead MoreDeveloping a framework for critiquing health research5723 Words   |  23 Pagesresearch within one list of questions. It is argued that this assists the ‘novice’ student of nursing and health-related research with learning about the two approaches to research by giving consideration to aspects of the research process that are common to both approaches and also that differ between quantitative and qualitative research. Key words Research critique; critique framework; heath research. Introduction When undertaking an undergraduate programme in health related studiesRead MoreOrganization Development, a Contrast and Comparison2603 Words   |  11 Pagesstrategy, people, and culture; (2) developing new and creative organizational solutions; and (3) developing the organization’s self-renewing capacity (Kondalkar, 2009, p.3). Although the definitions seem to have a wide range of disparity, there are common threads in which we can assume. Organization Development deals with a process in which change is effected, and how that change is implemented and managed. This change should ensure that the goal of the organization is maintained and the health of

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Michael J. Fox And Parkinson s Disease Essay - 1288 Words

Milestone one: Michael J. Fox and Parkinson’s disease Michael J. Fox was born on June 9th 1961 in Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian providence, Alberta. Fox moved many times throughout his childhood due his father, William Fox, being in the military. Eventually Fox’s family ended up in Burnaby, British Columbia, where they established a permanent residence. (Michael J. Fox Foundation) At the young age of 15, Fox made his debut on television starring on CBC in a show known as â€Å"Leo and Me.† By the time he had turned 18 he had moved to Los Angeles; it wasn’t until 1982 when he landed his big break and began starring on the well-known show Family Ties where he remained until 1989. In 1988 Fox married his co-star, Tracy Pollan. (Michael J. Fox Foundation) Together they have four children. As the years progressed Fox became an international film, winning three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe. In 1991 Fox was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s disease (PD), he did not reveal his diagnosis to the public until 1998. (Michael J. Fox Foundation) Parkinson’s disease is complex neuro-degenerative disease and is considered idiopathic with only a small percentage of cases considered genetically linked. Diagnosis is based solely on a patient’s history, age, and clinical manifestations. Early-onset Parkinson’s varies from idiopathi c Parkinson’s in that there is a mutation in the Parkin gene. Pathophysiology can be defined as the physiology of abnormal cells and theShow MoreRelatedEssay about Advances in Parkinson’s Disease1345 Words   |  6 Pagesall affected by one disease (Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Statistics). That disease is Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s takes away little things like movement that many of us take for granted. Lives are changed because of Parkinson’s, but there is hope. Through medical breakthroughs discovered in recent years, my grandpa and many others suffering from Parkinson’s disease have a chance at a better life. History of Parkinson’s Disease Signs or symptoms of Parkinson’s disease have been recordedRead MoreParkinson s Disease Is A Progressive Loss Of Functioning Of The Brain1361 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction: Parkinson’s disease is a progressive loss of functioning of the brain that results in stiffness, trembling and loss of fine motor control. This disease mainly affects the neurons in the particular area called the substantia nigra with a total loss of dopamine, the absence of these dopamine-producing cells causes the loss of the brain’s ability to control the body movements progressively (Parkinson’s disease, 2016). Parkinson’s disease is very common, with about 70000 Australians asRead MoreStem Research : Stem Cell Research1692 Words   |  7 Pagesthis sort of examination continues advancing, as citizens, we will in all likely need to vote on it. It influences the majority of our lives, in many different ways. A large portion of us knows at least one individual with diabetes, Alzheimer s, or Parkinson s. Perhaps, sadly, you may confront one of these illnesses eventually in your life. It is essential to think about issues like stem cell research , which c an help many people all over the world. Stem cell research is turning into an issue thatRead MoreParkinson s Disease Is A Chronic Progressive Movement Disorder Of The Central Nervous System895 Words   |  4 PagesParkinson s disease is a chronic progressive movement disorder of the central nervous system. Early in the course of the disease, the most obvious symptoms are movement-related; these include shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking and Parkinson’s like gait (leaning forward, small fast pace steps, shuffling, etc.). Parkinson’s involves the malfunction and death of nerve cells in the brain, entitled neurons. Although damage can be spread about, it primarily affects neuronsRead MoreParkinson s Disease : Disease1494 Words   |  6 PagesPARKINSON’S DISEASE INTRODUCTION: If you eat unhealthy, fatty foods your whole life, you have a higher risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or arteriosclerosis. If you have unprotected sex, you may contract a sexually transmitted disease, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, or HIV/AIDS. But, Parkinson’s doesn’t racially discriminate, nor does it care if someone is wealthy, poor, educated, non-educated, male or female. Anyone can develop Parkinson’s disease. The disease begins inRead MoreParkinson s Disease And Its Effects1299 Words   |  6 PagesParkinson’s Disease An estimated eight million people are living worldwide with Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s is a disease where the nerve cells, called neurons die in your brain. These neurons that die produce a brain chemical, dopamine which is a neurotransmitter. As the neurons die or become damaged the lack of dopamine creates the symptoms and disease. The neurons that die are located in your Substantia Nigra in the brain. The nerve cell affects your entire nervous system. The neurons transmitRead MoreParkinson s Disease And Its Effects1810 Words   |  8 PagesParkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that affects the movements and nervous system of the body. Parkinson’s starts out slow and continues to worsen over time. It is estimated that one million people in the United States alone are struggling with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a very hard disease to live with day by day. It can make simple fine motor skills a difficult task such as, buttoning your pants, eating a slice of pizza, or even turning a door handle. It affects aboutRead MoreMorality And Money : Stem Cell Research990 Words   |  4 Pagesperforming stem cell research, and the voting public should not allow this to happen by selecting a candidate who unequivocally supports human embryonic stem cell research. Stem cells have been isolated and used for decades to treat a variety of diseases. Since 1968, bone marrow transplants have been performed because the stem cells found in the marrow stimulate the creation of healthy cells, which combat and hopefully eradicate diseased cells (Chen, et al). The reason scientists initially had soRead MoreA Look At Parkinson s Disease2700 Words   |  11 PagesA look at Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disease. Two other names for PD are shaking palsy and Paralysis agitans. Parkinson’s disease is initiated when the cells in the brain that produce dopamine die over time. Dopamine is a brain chemical used by nerve cells that helps to control the body s muscle movement. Without those brain cells and the dopamine they produce, it becomes increasingly more difficult for the cells that controlRead MoreThe Severity Of Parkinson s Disease1810 Words   |  8 PagesMuhamad Ali, Michael J. Fox, and Linda Ronstadt are just a few celebrities that have been diagnosed with a disease called Parkinson’s. Most people have heard the name of this disease but do not exactly know what it is. Although it is not well known, it is a very common neurodegenerative disease. Much of the information about Parkinson’s is not prominent, although the disease is the second most common of its kind, next to A lzheimer’s (Surguchov, 2013, p.116). The disease can be debilitating if not

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Women in the Family Roles Free Essays

As Anthony Brandt said, â€Å"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family† . (Brandt) Family is very important to each of us on the earth. However, it does not mean we all love our family and we are happy with it, as some people could not find love at home. We will write a custom essay sample on Women in the Family Roles or any similar topic only for you Order Now Therefore, they do not know how to love other people. Hence, family is the first place where people learn how to love others, and it can cause great impact on people’s lives. Since men and women have different kinds of personality, they take on different family roles. In my opinion, women’s role in family is more important than men’s because women put more efforts to their family, women’s way of loving their children is more easily understood by the children, hence, mothers play a more important role in raising a healthy child. First of all, most working mothers put more emphasis on their family than their career. Since around the 1970s, more women entered the workforce. Nevertheless, mothers are usually the ones taking care of the home and the children while fathers being the main breadwinner in the family. For example, If the children are sick, most of the mother will stay home to take care for the sick children rather than go to work. So, it is more likely for family matters to affect women’s work schedules than men’s. Most women think of their husbands and their children while they are at work or are busy working on other tasks. Even if mothers have their own career , family is still their priority. Secondly, It is easier for children to sense love from their mothers than their fathers. There are many single-parent families nowadays. The children are often depressed when their parents separate. In single-parent families, children who live with their mothers generally feel happier than those who live with their fathers. This is because women are more sensitive to other people’s feelings, and thus they can better take care of their children’s emotions. Moreover, a mother has to carry her offspring within her body for approximately ten months and to go through the painful experience of delivering a baby. Women love their children more than anything else because of these experiences. In contrast, fathers usually love their children by putting more efforts on their jobs to provide for their children a better material life. Finally, mothers have more influence on children’s development than fathers do. â€Å"Mothers are more likely than fathers to encourage the development of assimilative and communion-enhancing characters in their children. (Austin and Braeger, 181) Also, â€Å"mothers are more likely than fathers to acknowledge their children’s contributions in conversation. † (Leaper, Anderson, Sanders, 34) As a result, the way mothers interact with their children has more positive impact on children’s social and emotional development. Through the way mothers love their children, the children know how to love people. To sum up, women have a very important role in the family. Women care about family than anything else while men’s priority is often t heir career. Also, mothers’ love is more easily felt by the children. In addition, mothers’ contribution to children’s development is usually greater than fathers’. As an old Mexican quote says, â€Å"The house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman† . Mother is often the only person who makes children feel home although children need both parents to ensure a healthy development. A family without a mother may not be as happy and may no longer be a â€Å"family† to a child. Therefore, women have a more important family role than men do. Works Cited Brandt, Anthony. http://thinkexist.com/quotation/other_things_may_change_us-but_we_start_and_end/190848.html. ThinkExist.com Quotations Online.1 Mar 2011. 14 Apr 2011. Austin, Ann M. Berghout and Braeger, T.J. â€Å"Gendered differences in parents’ encdouragement of sibling interaction:implications for the construction of a personal premise system.† First Language. October 1990 vol. 10 no. 30 181-197. Leaper, C., Anderson, K., Sanders, P. (1998). â€Å"Moderators of gender effects on parents’ talk to their children: A meta-analysis.† Developmental Psychology, 34. How to cite Women in the Family Roles, Essays

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Traditional Forms of Dress Essay Example

Traditional Forms of Dress Paper Clothing has long ago ceased to be just a protection from the cold and the sun and has evolved as fast as the human race. Animals show off bright colours to attract others at mating time and the human animal too has found it necessary to flaunt his or her looks. To help us to do this, since we have neither features nor fur, we have clothes as an excellent substitute.  Just like cultivation, clothes have evolved differently in different countries. So each country has its own traditional clothes. Usually clothes start out as being practical and later evolve as fashions. Clothes too develop according to cultures and, especially, religious beliefs. In countries where women are expected to be modest in dress, they cover themselves more. In other cultures there are no rules. In come societies where being practical in order to survive is the main rule, minimum clothing is emphasized for both men and women. But one thing stands out; traditional dress is usually graceful and says a lot about the history and cultures of the people. Most traditional clothes are graceful; at least cultures of the wearers. Most societies in the world want to maintain their cultures. In countries where many cultures prevail because of migrant communities like Singapore, there is fervour to preserve all the cultures when the word culture is mentioned, almost without exception clothes take a leading position. It is common to see clothes of bygone eras being exhibited in museums as examples of culture. Along with dancing, art and language clothes are one of the visible aspects of a culture. If we agree that tradition must be preserved then, traditional clothes must be preserved. The two can be said to be inseparable. We will write a custom essay sample on Traditional Forms of Dress specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Traditional Forms of Dress specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Traditional Forms of Dress specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Preserving tradition, on the other hand, does not mean that we should always wear them. The tendency today is to adopt clothes from other societies if they are more convenient: for example, the worker in India who has been wearing the white clothing for centuries, when doing outdoor work now finds that jeans, that great American creation is much more convenient. In fact, he probably wonders how his ancestors ever worked in clothes. But this does not in the least mean that he has given up clothes and begun to wear jeans- far from it; out of work he still wears the traditional clothing. So we have a good example of tradition being maintained while being practical about clothes. There are certain occasions when it is more practical to wear clothes from other countries, usually western clothes and it would be simply to insist otherwise. Then, again, as it is important to preserve traditional clothes there are certain other occasions when traditional clothes will be ideal. There are also certain occasions when traditional clothes are a must. There are occasions like weddings and other cultural functions when the graceful traditional clothes will add colour and gaiety to the occasion. In Singapore, it is permissible to wear ones ethnic traditional clothes to even the most formal function, even at the presidential palace. However, it turns out that only the ladies will appear in traditional clothes at such functions. This is no wonder as theirs, all our cultures are truly magnificent whereas, for some inexplicable reason, gentlemens clothes are plain and simple. Men wearing the traditional clothes beside their ladies are likely to appear like servants. Hence, it is common to find ladies adorned in traditional clothes while the gentlemen are in smart tuxedos; so much for preserving traditional clothes. The argument could be: preserving them need not mean wearing them.  Preserving traditions is akin to preserving the soul of a society. They take centuries to evolve and represent milestones in the evolving of a culture. Traditional clothes take the leading position when it comes to maintaining traditions and this is most welcome.